What you need to know about vaginal whitening

A large number of women want to improve the appearance of their vagina as they are not satisfied with the dark color of the outer lips of their lady parts. They want their private parts to be even toned. Vaginal whitening is a process that helps to achieve this purpose.

Once common only among strippers and porn stars, it has now gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Now, it is considered as a unique way of skin care. Women of all cultures are now considering it as it has hit the mainstream. As whitening is a very sensitive process, it must be done with safe products only.

What to consider before going for it?

The increasingly popular process of vaginal whitening is common and inexpensive. But there are a few factors you must consider before going for it.


Look for a good lightening cream

The first thing to consider before going for the process is to stay away from the products that contain hydroquinone, a skin bleaching ingredient as it has a lot of side effects. The creams that contain mercury, parabens, steroids, etc. must be avoided as they are harmful to health.

Besides, additional perfumes or dyes in the creams must be avoided to prevent irritation or burning on the sensitive area. The smell may be pleasant, but it will result in itching and discomfort in the vagina.

Keep a good knowledge about the manufacturer

Knowing where your product comes from is important. It is necessary for you to know what manufacturer’s products are authentic because there are many imitators out there in the market, and their products cannot be trusted.

Look at the packaging of the product

fsfs5asfg33It is important to know how the creams are contained. The companies that use airless bottles to store the cream are reliable as they do not allow air inside the container, thus increasing the life of the cream. Avoid buying from companies that use tubes with a screw on the lid as it makes the product less effective. There are some good ingredients you should look for in the whitening cream. That includes natural ingredients containing vitamins A, C, and E.

Is the process safe?

Use effective products

The thought of having a bleached pussy might give you creeps, and you can imagine the irritation and burning, but the process doesn’t use bleach to whiten your vagina. The process must use only safe and effective products to change the dark color of your vulva. Genital products have their own drawbacks and side effects. There are many whitening products available in the market, ranging from herbal to the ones with added chemicals.


If you choose a cream that is safe, keeping in mind the ingredient that has been used to formulate the cream, then the process is safe, and you can achieve an even-toned vagina. Some ingredients have been considered unsafe and been banned in many countries.

If you want to avoid harsh ingredients, you can go for a topical brightener. It lightens your intimate areas, and you would not have to visit a spa or doctor for that purpose. Otherwise, it is recommended that you use the products that have been formulated with natural ingredients to avoid any side effects.

Final thoughts

shsdshj44Vaginal whitening is a personal decision, and your decision should not be guided by your significant other. You must go for it only if you are very dissatisfied with the appearance of your vagina and want it to look good.

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